5 tools that make
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Social media is number 1 to grow your brand but having an account or a beautiful feed is not enough. Much less is enough if you publish without coherence  and without a strategy. And the reason for this is very simple: social networks are not made of numbers but of people. Real people who connect with other people. People who invest in others and who believe in business  thus becoming customers.


You don't need (nor should you!) be present  on all social networks. You do need to be present in a coherent way in the networks you chose to use.  For example: I essentially use Pinterest and Instagram. For each of them I have a different strategy and communication. Even if I don't publish content every day, the posts I make are thought out, planned and concise. Only in this way will I be able to have the impact that people want.

If you simply post a photo that is meaningless, illogical and doesn't show anything new, it won't attract my followers and they will probably end up  stop following me


I never get tired of saying that planning and scheduling is the fundamental rule for the success of our social networks. Knowing what we are going to write, say and show.

What does planning bring you good? Is easy.

#1: You don't need to spend so much time every day thinking about the text, processing the photo or thinking about what you're going to publish.

#2: You can have a more complete and organized content, which was thought out and structured with logic and ideas outlined according to the strategy you defined for your brand.


#3: Can you dedicate your social media time to the all-important engagement  - interacting with people as much as possible - not publishing content.

Tip: set a specific time a day to dedicate to engagement . Ex: every day at 10.30 am, for 15 minutes.


App's for planning Social Networks



Both applications will allow you to schedule  yours  posts, as well  allow you to view  your feed  depending on the posts you have scheduled.



with love,  Joana