Tips for getting more
followers on instagram

Start by!

- Start by defining your ideal audience;

- Start by following the right people;

- Start by giving value to your audience, giving them posts with interesting content;

- Start by posting regularly: 1 to 2 times a day;

- Start by deciding/choosing a theme for your  feed;

- Start by showing your audience that you are unique and true;

- Start by defining your ideal audience;

- Start by deciding what goals you want for your account (eg product sales, more views on the site, etc);

- start  planning posts for the week.



- stop  in  be all things to all people and focus only on yourself;

- stop  in  follow the wrong people;

- stop  in  be to publish posts that are not relevant and that are not of interest to your audience.

- stop  in  posting randomly and without regularity;

- stop  in  publish photographs with different styles, which have nothing to do with each other;

- stop  in  trying to be someone you are not (through the influence of someone you follow);

- stop  in  worry about how many followers you have.



- Be more specific with your target audience and ignore the rest. The more specific it is, the better;

- Spend more time with the right people, who share the same interests as you, and dedicate your attention to them through  engagement;

- Make your posts  more insightful and relevant;

- Pay more attention to the topics that have the most impact on your followers;

- be  more consistent with the photos you share and choose for your  feed;

- be more  YOU! Show your personal side and your habits;

- focus  more in  your  objective. Once you've completed it, establish another one.


with love,  Joana